Company profile

pc.Net operates in Greece since 2003, based in Trikala and specializes in placing branded products and telecommunications to domestic consumers. pc.Net with more than 10 years of successful presence in the Greek IT market, daily redefines the concepts of stability, reliability, prompt and quality service and professional and personal development. Focusing on the needs of customers, pc.Net planning long-term strategy and invests in the following key areas:

Improvement Structures

The site has developed, utilized by customers for online orders to reduce transaction time, access to special pricing and synthesis of computers pc.Net. Similarly, the application offers the ability to manage reseller discounts, campaigns and sending informative messages. Today 50% of our customers use the application to online orders.

Our philosophy

Philosophy is a comprehensive, quality service your products, solutions and services at the cutting edge of technology. Our company is based largely on the development of its associates and our aim is to give value to those of you who choose us. With this purpose systematically invest in new technologies as well as we develop our expertise constantly creating the right foundations from which each partner will act vigorously axiopoiontas new technologies and infrastructure.