pc.Net's customers are rewarded with a very clever point system . Accumulate points by signing up with your purchases and in many ways still require your active participation. The points can then be used on your purchases!

For every purchase you make at the store rewarded according to the value of the products purchased.  For example, for 100 € of purchase will earn 10 points.

The points you accumulate you can get them to make purchases.

Upon initial registration and completion of all items you have already in your account 30 points GIFT! While rendering and other features of the system soon your account will grow!

Collect extra points in the following ways:

  1. By registering in store earn 30 points
  2. If you complete all your profile details to earn 10 points.
  3. If you write a review on a product you bought earn 10 points.
  4. If you invite a friend you earn an extra 20 points!

CAUTION:To maintain your points should connect at least once a month in our shop on time and complete an action from above (for example, invite a friend or write a review for a product, etc.).

The use of the system is extremely simple and fun.

To start using the system only reachesLoyalty to subscribe!

So go directly to the record and try unique service Loyalty our online store!



Upon completion of your registration, o link "Reward Points" in the main menu at the top of the page shows all the points you have collected from your actions in the store.