1. Cash on delivery
We send your order by courier and you pay once you receive your order in your home, or at your local post office. Cash on delivery cost is 3.00 € incl VAT (Only available to mainland)

2. Wire transfer

Place your order and pay by bank transfer. Attention you need to pay in advance in order to ship out your goods.


Bank Accounts


Account Holder : Rizos Konstantinos

IBAN : GR43 0140 3300 3300 0200 2025 184




Account Holder : Rizos Konstantinos

IBAN: GR 30 0110 4770 0000 4774 0440 889




When you choose to pay your order by wire transfer, items in your order are bound for 48 (working) hours from the time you order.If the deposit amount of the order is not made within the first 48 hours, the order is canceled.

When tranfering
Please do not forget
to fill in the field "justification / comments"  on your deposit at the Bank section of the document filed in your name.So you know by whom/wherewere deposited.

Notify us
Send us a copy of the bank transfer payment by fax to +302431078798. Alternatively you can copy the payment order and send it to us by email at
[email protected].


3. Alpha Bank secure payments

With the completion of your purchase and by selecting payment method credit card, you are redirected to the secure payment environment of Alpha Bank.

In the secure form fill out all the required fields (card number, expiry date and issuing bank). American Express cardholders will need to fill out and the starting date.

If you choose to pay by credit card you must be present upon receipt of your order with your credit card and your identity. In this case (payment by credit card) does not allow receipt of the request by a third party. For store pickup the credit card holder need's to provide his credit card and his identity. The same applies if ordering on behalf of a company. In this case, the card should be corporate and paralabontos's name listed on the card.
After your payment is confirmed, we will proceed with the shipment of the order. In case you face any problem we will contact you as soon as possible. After completion of your payment you are redirected back to pc.Net.
* pc.Net offer's the option of 5 instalments for amounts over 100€ wih 4,5% fee only from the physical store.
4. Paypal

Choose to pay with your paypal account after you complete your order, you are redirected to paypal's secure site where you can complete your payment. There is an extra 3.5% fee for this payment method.

*Note that if you don't complete your payment to Paypal your order will be marked as canceled. Goods will be send after clear payment and confirmed buyer's address.


Orders for individuals and for b2b partners that amounts excess 500 euros (inc. VAT), will be completed through banking system.